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So, it didn’t rain every day on my visit to Kent, just most days! That’s fine though, I went with the flow. The rain was warm, there were plenty of cosy, dry coffee shops and I got to relax (sometimes when the sun is shining beautifully I feel a lot of pressure to be out doing something in it for every single moment it’s shining).

whitstable in the rain - pentax k1000

oyster shells, whitstable - pentax k1000

rainy beach, whistable - pentax k1000

Photographically the rain rather pleasingly blended the skies and and the seas together into one flat, watery backdrop – this kind of muted, grey flatness applied as a VSCOcam preset in Lightroom would cost a fortune and I had it all handed to me on a plate, a big watery plate, for free!

boat and boardwalk - pentax k1000

snack shack, whitstable - pentax k1000

seaside daisies - pentax k1000

My favourite place of all on my visit was Whitstable. It’s a shingly little fishing harbour on the north coast of Kent. It’s famous for Peter Cushing and for oysters. I really wish I liked oysters! Every time I’ve tried them though I’ve wished I hadn’t.

How about you, do you like to slip a raw oyster down your throat, for pleasure?

Whitstable has all the elements I look for in a quaint holiday destination (apart from the oysters): an interesting beach, quirky little seaside houses, cobbled streets, cool boutiquey shops, galleries, plenty of places for cream teas, coffee, gnarly-looking fisher-folk, seagulls, ice-cream, not too many touristy ‘seaside tat’ shops and/or arcades. You get the picture. If not, maybe these will help!

whistable oysters - pentax k1000

another whistable garden - pentax k1000

life saver - pentax k1000

two doors - pentax k1000

whitstable garden - pentax k1000

I definitely want to go back – hopefully the sun will be shining next time (although I wont mind too much if it’s not).

Photos taken with Pentax K1000 using (2 years expired) FujiPro 160S film

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    Bojan - Alpha Efficiency
    16 September 2013 at 22:54

    What kind of device are you using for your photos?

  • Reply
    David van Sluis
    21 September 2013 at 04:49

    Very nice images! Fishing towns like that are always so colorful.

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