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So, it didn’t rain every day on my visit to Kent, just most days! That’s fine though, I went with the flow. The rain was warm, there were plenty of cosy, dry coffee shops and I got to relax…

Film Photography

A change of plan

I am happy to report that in the last week some photos were taken. By me! It didn’t quite go to plan – I got all the way to Kent before realising I had no memory cards with me.…

Digital Photography


OK, so let me try and describe Dungeness to you. Lovely, weird Dungeness – Britain’s only official desert. It lies, forsaken, on the Kent coast and you have to drive through miles of marshland to get to it. There’s…

Instant Photography

Derek Jarman’s Garden

When I visited the ‘end of the world’ last week (aka Dungeness – which I have written about here) one place I knew about already and was very keen to visit was the late Derek Jarman’s Prospect Cottage. Anyone…