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Crazily (even though it’s almost April), since I took these photos the UK has been smothered, kicking and screaming beneath blankets of snow. I am totally getting why people up sticks and move to Spain – I’d bloody love to be there now!

OK. Look at the pretty pile of logs and calm down, please. Deep breaths…

small logs - pentax k1000
big logs - pentax k1000
blossom - pentax k1000
closed - pentax k1000

Taken with my Pentax K1000 camera | 50mm f/1.2 lens | FujiColor Professional 160C film

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    27 March 2013 at 09:36

    I think we should both just go to Spain definitely :)

    Love your photos though, you always capture small details so beautifully, I love the bike photo especially.

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    27 March 2013 at 13:02

    There’s nothing wrong with a quickie! Erm… wait… what? Sorry. Being silly. I’m with you on the weather front though. Usually one to squeel with delight at the first sight of snow, I’m now just about ready to punch the damn stuff in the face. Luckily, that bicycle picture is having a very calming effect on me… so so pretty. Thank you :)

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