Time management

I’ve introduced more lists into my life. More plans of things I want to do when I’ve completed all the things I have to do. (Stationery alert: new notebook required. Hooray)!

I found that when I was left to my own devices I was basically watching or reading feeds of everyone else’s lives instead of having one myself! So now I have a rolling list of small, medium and large things that I make myself tick off at least 3 a week. Blogging is one of them – also ticked off this week is ‘go to theatre/cinema’ (I went to see this) and read a book for at least 2 hours (I’m currently reading this).

It might not sound like much but I’m hoping it’s going to help me start using my time more mindfully and that I might also have some fun!

Any tips about time management (or ideas for my list)?

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    27 April 2015 at 16:47

    I hope you have ‘taking photos’ on the list!!! :–)

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    9 November 2015 at 01:52

    I need to do this. I’m such a terrible procrastinator otherwise. Lists are fun though… So is having an excuse to buy pretty stationery to help you get more organised. Hope you’re getting on well with it. x

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