Promises, promises…

It’s the first of December – wow that was fast!

That means I have about four weeks to make good on the new years resolutions I made… somehow I don’t think I will be able to re-model the kitchen, learn a foreign language, visit at least 6 european cities on weekend breaks and join a gym in that time. I guess in theory I have time to do that last one… but god, I really think that resolution was made after eating all the Christmas tree decorations (the chocolate ones) and a pound of turkish delight and I shouldn’t be held accountable for such rash promises!

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    2 December 2003 at 21:26

    I’d be worried if you were eating the other kind of Christmas tree decorations!
    I know what you mean about the resolutions. I promised my French friend that I would write to her in French this Christmas – and I’m seriously considering using Babelfish.
    Glad to find someone else who enjoys P&P as much as me. Read any of the ‘sequels’ or fanfic?

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    2 December 2003 at 23:29

    I’ve read “Pride, Prejudice and Jasmin Field” by Melissa Nathan which was quite ‘nice’ and of course “Bridget Jonses Diary”. Even though you know how things are going to turn out it’s still gripping stuff!

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