Bunny tales

I’m in love! He’s three foot tall, a lovely dark brown colour and doesn’t answer back. He currently lives in Marks & Spencer but hopefully he’ll be moving in with me soon. I reckon if I give up chocolate NOW (i.e. before Lent, even) then surely that deserves some sort of extra big chocolately reward? So, as of 2:30pm today I have been choc-free – that’s seven and a half hours – a new personal best for waking-hours (we’re not counting the chocolate sprinkles on my cappuccino right?)

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    22 February 2004 at 22:31

    congrats on the 7 and a half chocolate-free hours!
    I’m considering giving up chocolate for Lent myself
    although I thought it was only a week long, 2 at most!
    Did you buy the reward bunny?
    I’d be afraid to, I think I might “accidentally”
    knock it over (ie: bash it against the side of a
    table until bits broke off) and then feel obligated
    to “dispose” of the broken bits. Oh, and chocolate
    sprinkles do not count as chocolate,
    they are purely decorative. And chocolate syrup
    in one’s mocha doesn’t count either!

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