I’ve been caffine-free… well, coffee free, for three days now! I’m managing to keep the nervous twitch reasonably under control and, with the co-operation of work colleagues, I’ve only had to be bodily dragged from the drip tray of the espresso machine at work at lunchtimes – I’m really almost fine for the rest of the day. On the upside, I managed to get to sleep in less than three hours last night, and I don’t go round with a cappuccino moustache half the time!

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    26 June 2004 at 12:54

    The first week is the worst, but you should be past that by now :) I gave up caffeine a few months ago. Soooo hard as I was a big coffee-holic, but I’ve found now I don’t feel sick all the time, and I’m sleeping LESS than before, but waking up feeling much better and rested. So I hope you are able to stick to it. It helps.

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