Cumfortably numb

On Friday night I went to Bournemouth to see the Scissor Sisters. They were so great! Seeing them, all glam and everything has made me realise how tame my wardrobe has become in recent years. I used to wear 1950s curtains as a skirt over my ripped jeans, teamed with my Mum’s real fox fur-collared coat (which I told everyone was fake, as vegetarianism was pretty much compulsory during the 80s if you were at art college). Actually, I don’t hink she knows I used to borrow it, so please don’t say so if you see her – I blamed all the cigarette burns on moths in the wadrobe, which was a nightmare as it stank of moth-balls every time I borrowed stole it afterwards.

So anyway, I am very much loving the Scissor Sisters, and am considering food-colouring as hair-dye once more!!

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