Christmas Eve, and all through the house… everyone is working their asses off!

Stuff to do…

Wrap up rest of presents – don’t forget to wrap up a few tins of chocolates in case unexpected guests arrive bearing presents of their own (n.b. make sure it’s not a half eaten tin with a load of empty wrappers in like last year).

Do the custard layer of the trifle, no one likes spongey jelly by itself.

Make sure there are nice fluffy white towels in the bathroom, not the threadbare Garfield beach-towel that normally ends up being the one in use when guests arrive.

Remember all the things I should have brought, but didn’t. Consider a trip to 24 hour petrol station, then poo-poo idea in favour of more mulled wine.

Have a sudden panic attack that the 5lb of cheese I brought (a wedge representing virtually every nation in Europe) wont be enough.

Get really quite drunk on more mulled wine, harvey wallbangers and Baileys. In that order.

Get to bed before midnight and be patient for Father Christmas!

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