2004 (or the year I stopped doing the dishes)

I got a new kitchen this year. Last year I mean. I’m still a bit scarred mentally from the whole experience – one day I’ll tell it how it really was, but suffice to say I ended up with the kitchen I dreamt of, including a huge fridge the size of a Barrett starter home, and my very first dishwasher!

I can’t tell you how much I love my dishwasher – you put stuff in, shitty stuff, and you get sparkilng new stuff back out of it! If you’re umming and ahing about getting one, I say beg, borrow, undertake credit-card fraud, whatever, do what it takes, but get one! I know that probably sounds a bit shallow, especially when there’s so much suffering in the world right now, but think of all the free time you’ll have to do good, charitable acts if you dont have to scrub plates at a sink all evening!

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