That’s SO 2005, darling!

Firstly – hooray, I feel like a human being again! I was really very sick, but now all I have is a husky voice (I now sound like I have been dragged from my bed at 5am, whatever time of day it is), and a bit of deafness/tinnitus due to an ear infection. Thank the bejeezus!

I managed to enjoy Christmas day and Boxing day before getting really sick, so I suppose things could have been a BIT worse. Christmas day was awesome in terms of my own personal stash of booty. The best of which has to be my 60gb iPod Video!!!! It’s going to be great having all my music in one spot – and I have the sort of job where I get to be unsociable and plug myself into my tunes (not sure if I’ll get away with watching ‘LOST’ instead of working though – may have to save that for team meetings).

So, 2006 is here. New years eve I was too focussed on not being able to swallow my own saliva, which kind of put a dampener on things. The only resolution I could think of is get healthy then stay that way! Which seems a pretty good one to me.

This is officially the end of me moaning about being sick. Probably. I mean, it’s health, health, health for 2006! I’m going to ignore the fact that the fridge is stuffed with my bodyweight in cheese and Quality Street and live by my new mantra; health, health, health for 2006! …one noisette traingle wont hurt though, will it?

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    6 January 2006 at 21:45

    Ear infection? Join the club. Seems to be the in-thing at the moment. Perhaps we could start a ‘webloggers against ear-infections’ blog … not sure which colour wristband though.
    Good luck with your resolution. And watch out for your husband and his vacuumcleaner …. 😉

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