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Today is hot. 25C/77F. OK, so it’s not Sahara hot, but getting to work it was hot enough to go out without a duffle coat and a team of huskies. Through the bars on the window it looks like good fun being outside. I may live dangerously and open the window a crack this afternoon – as a special treat.


I remember when Charles and Di got married, the guy who iced their giant white wedding cake was made to work in a windowless, white room and would often be found passed out on the floor, piping-gun in hand, suffering the effects of  ‘snow-blindness’. My question is; can you get ‘beige-blindness’? Everything in this office is a shade of brown; from the pale birch veneer of the desks and filing cabinets, to the dark brown of the carpets and doors back to the palest of light beige (baby puke coloured) computer equipment. I guess it’s a good colour for hiding stains (don’t really want to think about that too much though), perhaps they are worried if they intoduced visually stimulating fixtures into the work environment we may get transfixed and become unable to focus on our work. More than likely actually now I come to think about it.


I work with geeks. Everyone is giggling and going on about it being Star Wars day. “It’s May the Fourth… the FOURTH… geddit? May the FOURTH be with you!” [Hysterical laughter]. [By them, not me].

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