List of things I have been doing instead of updating blog over last fortnight

  1. Went to a friend’s wedding up in Worcestershire – is odd seeing everyone you know from city surrounding transposed into country surroundings. Wedding was lovely – during the day we climbed up the Malvern Hills (at the steepest point found out later). Spectacular view was hampered somewhat by tunnel-vision as a result of aforementioned climb. Need to get fitter.
  2. Went to see Russell Brand at Southampton Guildhall. So cool, so funny! I can’t begin to describe him… which doesn’t make for interesting reading really. I will say this though – the hairstyle he so painstakingly creates before every public performance… that’s exactly how my hair looks every single morning when I wake up. Without even trying!
  3. Mushroom hunting in New Forest. They don’t run very fast so was really quite easy!
  4. Went to Bath for the day – beautiful there – feel like you are drowing in honey, where everything is built from the same honey-coloured stone. Must upload photos.
  5. You’ll never guess who I had in the back of my car yesterday… Audrey Hepburn! Went to IKEA and brought this (amongst other things). It is huge, took up the whole of the back of the car. I know it’s mass-prooduced and hardly original, but I fell in love with it and had to have it… plus the colours match the living room wall perfectly.

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    15 November 2006 at 18:47

    Even though I’m from oop north I get to Bath quite often as brother in law and girlfriend live there. Love it – especially the ‘adventure golf’!!!

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