Surely it’s easier just to buy carrots in Sainsburys?

I ache now like I have never ached before; used muscles I never knew I had. And I know I am getting old because I got this way through doing gardening! In a conscious bid to be a bit more ‘rocknroll’ about the whole thing though, I made sure we were tuned into Radio 1 at all times… you can get a whole lot of digging done if you keep pace with Dave Pearce’s Dance Anthems! My favourite song at the moment though is definitely Acceptable in the 80’s by Calvin Harris – I would down tools and dance and sing when this came on (apologies to any neighbours reading).

The project was to widen the border on the sunny side of the garden – we had to fell a giant eucalyptus tree which had grown as tall as the house in about 5 years, and take out a giant and sprawling privet bush. I think the local sparrows thought we had some sort of vendetta agianst them, as these were their favourite hidey-holes, but we made up for it when we started digging and turned up lots of juicy worms for them. Feast! We also moved the stone edging and dug over everything. Ow.

So, after a bit MORE digging and muck-spreading (lovely), it’ll be fresh veggies every night for dinner chez Muldowney. The spinach and lettuces will be first… maybe a couple of weeks to go, I can’t wait!

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