The Good Life

I’ve been in so much pain lately with sciatica that I’m wondering if all that digging and general hard work in the garden was worth it! But, as the pain is subsiding now and as a scorcher of a weekend weather-wise has been forecast, I am a bit happier about the whole thing.

I think I am turning into Barbara from the Good Life because not only am I digging up all my flower beds so I can plant more vegetables, but a couple of days ago I made a skirt!  If I could manage the responsibility (and the poop) I’d go for the whole chicken and goats thing too, but I have a feeling that as soon as the weather gets a bit iffy again I’ll want to be snugged up inside with a big mug of (proper) coffee to watch hours of TV stored up on the Sky+ box.

Did I mention at all how good the weather is? Well, I think a new barbeque purchase might be on the cards (us and half the country I should imagine – note to self: consider buying share in sausages v. soon). We lit our rusty old charcoal one last week. The rust wasn’t a problem, I like to think it adds a certain mesquite taste. However, I think we were lucky to get away with not having a visit from the fire brigade and/or an ASBO – there was smoke everywhere! Again, apologies to neighbours.

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