Late night

Oh my. One minute I am scratching my head wondering why the commenting on my site has broken down, the next I’m recklessly reconfiguring the whole site design! It seems to have done the trick though, and the comments are all working again spiffingly. Hoorah!

So,it looks a bit different for the moment (you might need to do a ‘ctrl F5’ if things are looking a bit freaky), but I know I wont be able to leave the stylesheet alone for very long before I start tinkering, so apologies if it all goes haywire again anytime soon!

It’s 12:40am and I am watching an owl snoring live from a hayloft in Cornwall. Marginally more stimulating than Big Brother, but only just. I think it might be time for bed.

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    7 June 2007 at 16:06

    Just checking I haven’t broken the comments again!

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