Is it wrong that I think about sewing and fabric and things I can make all the time?!

Whilst I’m watching TV (somehow I still manage to find the time to fit this in) I find myself unnaturally fixated on the soft-furnishings rather than the ensuing drama. The curtain material in William Hurt’s flat in Gorky Park is to die for! And as for Margot’s dresses in The Good Life… oh my god, I would totally freak out of I saw them for sale in a charity shop or car boot sale. The things I could make!

There was a time when my head was full of thoughts of my future wedding to Simon Le Bon / George Clooney / the good looking one from whatever tv show was big at the time (actually, it would be the geeky best friend of the good looking one that filled my mind). Now though; old curtains. At least old curtains won’t run off with long-legged supermodels at the drop of a hat.

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