This week I have begun unravelling. I am hoping to find ways of expressing a more personal story to the world; through my photos and my words.

If I ever appear guarded it’s because I am. Lord knows why though, it’s not through shyness or lack of confidence. It’s not through arrogance either (I know it can sometimes appear this way).  My birthday parties as a child were spent hiding up in the lilac tree and watching everyone else have fun. That was how I liked it. I think I’m old enough to come out and play properly now though.

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    Jennifer White
    12 May 2009 at 05:31

    Well Angie, I’m on this journey with you this week.. I’m a bit behind in starting the Unravelling course, but I will play a bit of catch up this week…so far, enjoying your posts and will take a look around a bit more….anxious to see what evolves through your blog over the next several weeks…

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