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FujiFilm Instax 200

I think it’s time to admit that I have an addiction… to cameras! Not just shiny new digital SLRs, in fact quite the opposite (although I like them too). My tastes are now positively retrospective and (some would say) archaic. Film and negatives are once more part of my life (although the contact dermatitis I got from years of swishing around ungloved in fixer and stop-bath never went away).

Imagine then my reaction when I spy in the window of a local charity shop a big felt-tipped sign declaring “Camera Sale”. I wasn’t driving so I grabbed the steering wheel and directed the car and a startled husband to the nearest parking spot so I could investigate further. After lots of rummaging and remarkable self-control I decided to buy justone andafter hamding over a couple of pounds I was the proud owner of a colossal beast.

It’s a FujiFilm Instax 200. As you may have guessed it’s an instant camera from Fuji (who, unlike Polaroid, are still producing film). The internet finally delivered my film today – a refreshingly cheap buy compared to the ever-incresing price of Polaroid film. I couldn’t wait, I had to run out to the garden and take a shot – this is hot off the press…

The colours look great (considering the failing light and looming storm clouds) and I love the wide-screen shape compared to a regular Polaroid. There’s some great examples of what can be created with it on Flickr, including these…

1 NoseHill 2 Untitled 3 Day 282: Relaxation 4 Temps de chien

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    4 June 2009 at 02:16

    good to know this about fuji – love your shots.

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    4 June 2009 at 08:31

    I think that might just be the biggest camera I’ve ever seen, not counting large format! I’ll have to look out for one of these.

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