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A pleasant surprise

I’ve never been one for reading instructions. I may glance casually at any colourfully-rendered diagrams but I tend to dive right in and give it a go and panic later.

I’m telling you this because a while ago I purchased some of the freshly-invented PX 70 FF Color Shade film from The Impossible Project and I used it for the first time at the weekend.

I took my photo (with vague recollections of a pretty picture of someone covering the photo as it came out of the camera, so I did that). After a couple of minutes I looked at the results and it was just a bright blue mess. Ah well, I thought, I’d better read the instructions. I didn’t. I tossed it into a drawer and forgot all about it.

Fast-forward to today; an unexpected but welcome surprise greeted me when I opened the drawer and discovered this…

…all I needed was a little patience. That’s my second biggest fault, after never reading instructions!

This film is very different to all the other Polaroid film I’ve used – it’s still beautifully soft and ethereal and the colour is really subtle – given the right subject this is going to be great fun to play with. If this is just the first attempt (that’s what the FF stands for… First Flush) then I can’t wait to see how it improves in months and years to come.

Long live Polaroid!

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    23 October 2010 at 01:04

    I really love this film. It’s not as difficult to use as Silver Shade. I’ve found it to be even slightly forgiving if it gets exposed to a small amount of light right after taking the picture. Mine usually take about a week to “come up” to where i want them after taking them. Love this film, and this shot!!

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