:::NOTE::: the post below really only made sense if you read it on the old website.

Hello Lovelies!

Crikey, you should see what i’m doing over in the new ‘pad’ I’m totally going for it! I’ve sorted all the content (I managed this without any lasting damage to my mouse-clicking finger which is a miracle). I’m now finishing the structure; deciding what sits where and how on earth I can make the ideas I have in my head and in my layout-pad work on an actual website… it’s getting there though, and more than one code-hacking-jig has been danced merrily around my dining room table.

Next is the bit I’m more confident about which is the design; the look-and-feel. However, as this is what I do for the day job I’m feeling the pressure, somewhat!

So, yes, I’m feeling a bit like Dr Frankenstein building some huge monster – hopefully it will be a pretty one though and wont end in tragedy! I’m pencilling in the 21st May as my launch date but watch this space for the official ‘in pen’ date.

See you soon! x

orange notepad

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