5fives with Melani Lust

Melani Lust

Say hi to Melani, she captures such wonderful images – you should check out the wedding photos on her web site, they’re gorgeous!

(It must have been an exciting and nerve-wracking day when it came to shooting a bride and groom right in the middle of a busy Grand Central Station, NY! Amazing results though).

~ The sweet spot, life, love, finding the perfect moment, glorious light and the grace of the unexpected. ~
I am fortunate to call my profession photographer and each assignment, wedding commission and commercial shoot offers new challenges and delights. Based out of CT, near Manhattan, Melani gets inspiration from her years as a graduate art history student and the beautiful people she is fortunate enough to have in her life.

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The top five famous people you’d love to photograph?

  1. Bill Clinton, his magnetism will come straight through the lens
  2. Olivier Martinez, just pure physical perfection
  3. Serena Williams – on and off the court
  4. Barbara Walters, the original, & still the best, news reporter
  5. Jose Muhica, the humble president of Uruguay

Your top five ways to relax?

  1. Going to a museum with my kids
  2. Playing Tennis
  3. Dinner with my husband
  4. Glass of wine
  5. Pedicure

Your top five camera bag essentials

  1. Canon 1D Mark IV
  2. Canon 5D MarkIII
  3. Canon 85 mm f/1.2
  4. Canon 70-200 f/2.8
  5. Canon 580 EX speed light with cot gel and diffuser

Your top five drinks?

  1. Double Machiatto with two splendas
  2. Diet Sprite with lots of ice
  3. Diet Coke from the fountain
  4. Cosmo with Stoli Raspberry, on the rocks
  5. A nice red Bordeaux, 1998 Pomerol especially

Your top five photos you’ve taken?

  1. Boy batting in Cuba, this boy just hit his baseball (which was an empty plastic bottle), on to a roof and was devastated. It was incredible to photograph in Havana and see what the rations and embargo have done to the country. I have never met a more welcoming and intelligent people. I cannot wait to go back.
    Melani Lust - Cuba - Havana street boy
  2. Equestrian portrait at the beach, pure grace and beauty. This was one of my favorite photo shoots, horses are majestic and their movement is magical.
    Melani Lust - horse beach
  3. Philip Johnson’s Glass House in New Canaan, CT. This editorial shoot was a life long dream.
    Melani Lust - Philip Johnson glasshouse
  4. Wedding Portrait in Grand Central, NYC. A dream for me: love + architecture.
    Melani Lust - Grand Central Wedding
  5. Indian Ceremony Entrance, a tradition dating centuries, so passionate & exciting.
    Melani Lust - Indian Wedding Horse


The power of lists

5fives is a series of interviews with heartfelt, creative people who are responding to five sets of five questions. Whether the answers are single words, essays or even images, together they are fascinatingly compelling and revealing. Contact me if you’d like to be next!

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