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5fives with Yvonne Oswald

Yvonne ‘s photography is wonderful and I know you’ll enjoy discovering her uniquely European-flavoured 5fives…  [divider_line] My name is Yvonne Oswald, I live in Vienna, Austria and have worked as a professional photographer since 2001. In my commercial work…


5fives with Deborah Waters

Here’s another wonderful photographer for you to meet, I’m sure you’ll love Deborah’s work and answers… Hi, my name is Deborah Waters, and I have been gaining ground as part time artist and stock photographer for the last 8…


5fives with Jamila Clarke

Goodness me, what can I say about the amazingly talented Jamila to do her justice? I’m so inspired by her photographic creations  they’re like poems, and so professionally executed too. You really must check out more of her work, you…


5fives with Brie Childers

Meet Brie, she’s a superstar photographer, quite literally. I’ve just spent forever looking through her website; soaking in the glamour, the professionalism and the California sunshine – I’m sure you’re going to love her too… I am a fashion…


5fives with Laurie Freitag

I love Laurie’s work – her photos feel like a wild TV dream of America in the 8os… I’m a digital shooter of human and city portraits. I sit in traffic and watch. I sit with children and watch. Always…


5fives with Melani Lust

Say hi to Melani, she captures such wonderful images – you should check out the wedding photos on her web site, they’re gorgeous! (It must have been an exciting and nerve-wracking day when it came to shooting a bride…


5fives with Natalie Lumpkin

Today we say hello to Natalie from San Francisco –  she takes such lovely photos and I defy anybody not to fall in love with the doggy in the ‘top 5 photos’ below…  Freezing moments in time, sharing the world,…


5fives with Vanessa Champion

It’s no surprise to me that Vanessa has been asked to work on such exciting projects and with such well-known faces – as well as being technically brilliant she is amazingly creativity – when I’m nominated for MY Oscar…


5fives with Bran LeFae

Bran has such an artistic spirit and it’s fascinating to see how this emerges in her photographic work… I am co-owner of Bramblethorn Studios just north of Seattle, WA, USA. My main focus is abstract photography, which I generally…


5fives with Melissa Beattie

I have so much admiration for wedding and portrait photographers, especially when they’re as talented and engaging as Melissa! There are some really enlightening answers here, especially if you’re interested in this area of photography (and congratulations Melissa on creating a…