5fives with Yvonne Oswald

Yvonne ‘s photography is wonderful and I know you’ll enjoy discovering her uniquely European-flavoured 5fives… 


Yvonne Oswald - photographerMy name is Yvonne Oswald, I live in Vienna, Austria and have worked as a professional photographer since 2001.

In my commercial work I deal mostly with interiors, lifestyle and reportage; since 2009 I have published six books, four of them about a lakeside area of Austria called the “Salzkammergut”, one on a once fashionable area south of Vienna and its artists and one about Srebrenica in Bosnia-Herzegowina in collaboration with other authors. My work has also been published in different international magazines like The World of Interiors, Coté Est, AD Russia, Lifestyle, Alps, Country style, Klassisch Wohnen, Woman and others.

In my art work I choose my subjects to my liking and interest and follow up mostly long going projects. If I decide on a project I try to read as much as possible about my theme and then start on my journey and try to tell the story with my camera. My photos have been exhibited nationally and abroad and are represented in different collections.

My website: www.yvonneoswald.at


Your top five photographic influences?

  1. William Eggleston
  2. Walter Niedermayr
  3. Henri Cartier-Bresson
  4. Luigi Ghirri
  5. André Kertész

Your top five ways to relax?

  1. A hut in the mountains
  2. Having shot a good photo
  3. Skiing or any other sport
  4. Books
  5. Time with friends

Your top five dream photo locations?

  1. The Alps
  2. Any lake or other waterfront
  3. Afghanistan/the Wakhan Corridor
  4. Kamtschatka
  5. Iceland

Your top five luxuries?

  1. Time
  2. and more time
  3. Traveling for leisure
  4. Having 2 great kids
  5. Being independent

Your top five photos you’ve taken?

ohne titel

1. This photo is part of a long going project I shot at a Grand hotel in the mountains south of Vienna/Austria, abandoned for 50 years.
The area was highly fashionable since the 1850s until after WW2 and a favorite spot for the Austrian-Hungarian aristocracy, bourgeoisie, artists, musicians, painters and writers.
The project tries to trace the inspiring time of the mundane Fin de Siècle and early 20th century and it’s brutal and sudden end with the upcoming of National Socialism.
“Südbahnhotel” untitled, 2010, digital image; sole copyright: Yvonne Oswald



2. “Mirrors” from the long going project “Out of Season”
The work deals with touristic places off season, the impact of the touristic industry on the places and its inhabitants.
Analog picture, 2005; sole copyright: Yvonne Oswald



3. “Umbrella Stands” from the series “Out of Season”
Digital image, 2010; sole copyright: Yvonne Oswald



4. From the series “Nothing remains”
Dealing with the question how and if a persons life is reflected in the objects gathered during a lifetime.
Shot at a Viennese apartment shortly after the death of its owner.
Analog picture, untitled, 2001; sole copyright: Yvonne Oswald



5. “Reflections”
A new project on water reflections started 2012
Digital image, untitled, 2012; sole copyright: Yvonne Oswald


The power of lists

5fives is a series of interviews with heartfelt, creative people who are responding to five sets of five questions. Whether the answers are single words, essays or even images, together they are fascinatingly compelling and revealing. Contact me if you’d like to be next!

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