5fives with Deborah Waters

Here’s another wonderful photographer for you to meet, I’m sure you’ll love Deborah’s work and answers…

Deborah WatersHi, my name is Deborah Waters, and I have been gaining ground as part time artist and stock photographer for the last 8 years, interspersed with moving home & starting a family. I live in Sheffield, UK and photograph anything that takes my fancy, but mostly nature, my kids and whatever I can think to try in the studio. My work is mostly marketed under the pseudonym of Septemberlegs, but I am not telling why! If you have any other questions, though, please do feel free to contact me :-)

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Your top five photography websites?

  1. Hmmm, well I suppose my first answer would have to be Alamy, or to be specific my portfolio on Alamy, as it is where I have made the most money as a Stock photographer, and was also the very first contract I landed with a stock agency, back in 2004.
  2. And then second has to be 4Corners as these guys are my favourite agency to work with. I deliberately sought out a small agency that was less well known on the recommendation of someone in a blog once upon a time. I love/hate 4Corners as they are exquisitely demanding both in artistic perfection AND technical perfection, which means I face a lot of rejection at Quality Control! It hurts the ego, but is very very, very educational. You can see my little collection by searching for Deborah Waters.
  3. On a different note, then I currently love Digital Photography School whom I follow on Twitter. Their weekly newsletter of tips and tricks is great. I don’t read everything, but some of the articles have been truly inspiring. And as I am starting to mix writing with photography, I am also finding it a useful learning tool for writing my own Photography How To’s.
  4. I guess next to spring to mind are the International League of Conservation Photographers. As a long tern environmentalist and social justice advocate I LOVE the fact these photographers have found a way to put the planet at the heart of their work, and really admire the work they achieve.
  5. And finally, I guess, I have to name at least one artist whose work I admire. It is really tough to narrow down, but first and foremost I guess would have to be Dorothea Lange. She inspired me because she was a she (and I am always on the lookout for a positive female role model) but also because of her beautiful work and philosophy of photography. There isn’t really one site to send you too, her work is all over, but I guess this is a good start as it deals with my favourite image, of course, Migrant Mother.

Your top five dream locations you’d like to photograph?

  1. Cuba – all that wonderful old world charm before its gone!
  2. Gallapagos Islands – all that amazing nature, before it too is gone.
  3. Machu Picchu.
  4. The Pacific Islands.
  5. Africa – probably starting with the Serengeti & migration of the wildebeests.

Your top five TV shows?

  1. Oh no, my taste in telly is pretty cheap! I guess Eastenders, for being there all my life!
  2. Any and all David Attenborough wildlife shows
  3. Live at the Apollo and any stand up comedy
  4. NCIS for a good bit of drama and Abby, my favourite TV character
  5. And I guess Northern Exposure, one from long ago now, but which I fell in love with during college more than any other TV show ever. I loved the underlying art, philosophy, history and science lessons in the Chris the DJ era. Fantastic!

Your top five things you’d splurge on after winning the lottery?

  1. How much did I win?! Well first I’d pay off my mortgage,
  2. and second I would by a nice little townhouse in Oxford near the University as an investment rental property.
  3. Then I would get a seriously nice truck, capable of over landing Africa with me living in it with all the family,
  4. and then I would buy a nice boat, something like a white water raft with outboard motor and stick it on top of aforementioned truck
  5. and then all I would need would be the tickets to get us across the watery parts and we’d be off!

Your top five photos you’ve taken?
Oh my top three are held in exclusive collections…

  1. Silver statue of reclining nude woman‘ my favourite arty/concept image
  2. Mexico, Aztec ceremony to diagnose illness and cleanse aura‘ my favourite travel image
  3. Baby Weaning‘ my favourite portrait (my son)
  4. My current favourite landscape. I think I am finally becoming a half decent landscape photographer! colour landscape by Deborah Waters
  5. My favourite Black & White image – shot on Ilford film long ago now, it is a bit grainy but I think full of atmosphere. Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall, England 2005  Deborah Waters


The power of lists

5fives is a series of interviews with heartfelt, creative people who are responding to five sets of five questions. Whether the answers are single words, essays or even images, together they are fascinatingly compelling and revealing. Contact me if you’d like to be next!

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