5fives with Melissa Beattie

I have so much admiration for wedding and portrait photographers, especially when they’re as talented and engaging as Melissa! There are some really enlightening answers here, especially if you’re interested in this area of photography (and congratulations Melissa on creating a photographic model of your very own)!

photographer melissa beattieHey, my name is Melissa Beattie and I am portrait and wedding photographer currently living in Dubai. At the moment it is just me and my husband out here, but we have just found out we have a little one on the way, which is the best news ever! I am literally shouting it from the rooftops.

I hope you can gain inspiration through my work as I have others, please feel free to get in touch through any of the following channels if you have any questions…

website | facebook | blog | twitter

Five Things That Make Me Laugh

  1. My family – cheer me up without fail.
  2. My friends – I think this goes without saying, what are friends for right?
  3. My Clients – I love the kids I get to work with, they are all my mini best friends by the end of a shoot.
  4. Our Family Dogs – they are nuts and I love them for it.
    photo by Melissa Beattie
  5. Myself – Am I allowed to say that? The reason being, I am the clumsiest person in the world (I have to be) and I have to laugh about it, otherwise I would probably cry.

My Top Five Camera Bag Essentials

  1. Can I say my Camera? It’s the love of my life, we can’t be separated (though my husband does try).
  2. My 24-70mm lens – if I could only ever have one lens, this would be it.
  3. My Westcott 42” Sliver/White Reflector – the white reflective side give off the most beautiful soft light.
  4. At least one Speedlite – you just never know when you might need one.
  5. Extra Batteries and CF Cards – without fail.

My Top Five Pictures

Wow, it is tough picking five of your top images, but here goes…

  1. .
    photo by Melissa Beattie
  2. .
    photo by Melissa Beattie
  3. .
    photo by Melissa Beattie
  4. .
    photo by Melissa Beattie
  5. .
    photo by Melissa Beattie

Five Dream Photo Locations

  1. New York – there is something about that city that I just love. I have also seen so many inspiring images taken in that city that it just has to be on this list.
    photo by Melissa Beattie
  2. My home country, the UK – though I currently live in Dubai, I know I will go back home one day. There are so many beautiful places in the UK to take pictures; I just wish more people saw what I do.
  3. Paris – I would love to shoot an engagement session here, such a romantic city.
  4. Africa (the majority of it anyway)- for too many reasons to mention.
    photo by Melissa Beattie
  5. The Maldives – because it is heaven on earth.

My Top Five Inspiring Photographers – other than myself 😉

Now, this is really hard to narrow down to five. There are so many fantastic photographers out there to be inspired by, but these are five that instantly popped in to my head so I am going with it…

  1. Anna Kuperberg
  2. Otto Schulze
  3. David Alan Harvey – his work is reminiscent of that of Cartier Bresson
  4. Jose Villa – Just the most gorgeous wedding photography I have ever seen
  5. Sue Bryce


The power of lists

5fives is a series of interviews with heartfelt, creative people who are responding to five sets of five questions. Whether the answers are single words, essays or even images, together they are fascinatingly compelling and revealing. Contact me if you’d like to be next!

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