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I loves me a snowdrop. They’re a beacon of hope and springiness at the end of a cold and dismal winter.

They are, however, short little blighters and very inconveniently placed close to the ground. And me – I’m totally averse to mud in any and all forms and seeing as that’s where they thrive there was no way I was getting anywhere near the ground to snap this pretty bunch I spotted last weekend.

Instead I switched my camera to manual focus, did a rough measurement with one eye shut (that always helps) from me to the flowers, dialled the distance into the lens, held the camera close to the ground and shot a few photos into the unknown and hoped for the best!

They aren’t too bad – not perfect by any means, however my knees are spotless!

snowdrops 1
snowdrops 2
Taken with my Canon 5d MkII and 135mm f/2 lens

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    8 March 2013 at 09:32

    “One eye shut” You do make me laugh.

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