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Film Photography

Redscale 120 film at the seaside

So – back to the photography! I decided to take my most intimidating camera and film that I’d never used before for my Saturday afternoon at the seaside last week. It was a gloriously sunny day and it had…

Film Photography

Did I mention I like film cameras?

When people say to me they are thinking about trying film photography and aren’t sure about what camera to get or where to buy one I tell them this; Mention to everyone you know that you wish you had…

lomo diana - bournemouth pier
Film Photography

Going Lomo

Have you heard of Lomography? You probably have if you’re interested in film photography – I have purchased an item or two from them in the past and my favourite camera (so far) is the Diana F+. It’s lots…

Dahlia - zenith 80 medium format
Film Photography


Can’t believe we’re at the tail end of August already! August Break was a great idea; I’ve had time to think up all sorts of great stuff to add to the blog in future weeks – things I’m quite…

Film Photography


Hello lovelies! Just a quickie to say if you pop on over to Pixie Mama you’ll find an all-revealing interview with moi! (I’m feeling a little bit famous saying those words – I hope it doesn’t go to my…

Film Photography

August break VII

I took these when I was out and about at the Southampton ‘seaside’ a coupla weeks ago. I had to use the film up and get them processed though so had to wait a while to see the results.…

Film Photography


Goodnight internetalonians – here’s a kiss from me and my lovely Diana Edelweiss. x…

Film Photography


Look at what arrived in the post this week! I promise I didn’t break my boring blue and black Diana camera just so I could get this super-sexy white one.   It’s been ages since I shot with one…

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH
Film Photography

It’s my un-unbirthday

I am now a long way from a zero-ending birthday so am relatively cool with the whole deal. I received a pile of books. I love books! One of them was this beautiful book of poems which was so…

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH
Film Photography


The other cameras have been making a fuss as I keep mooning over my new addition and ignoring them. The Hasselbladski was especially miffed when prints cam back from the lab and I only feigned the tiniest bit of…