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August break VII

I took these when I was out and about at the Southampton ‘seaside’ a coupla weeks ago. I had to use the film up and get them processed though so had to wait a while to see the results.

They really sum up why I love it there – brutalist man-made tower-blocks and an abundance of nature beauty and wildlife. The two things cancel each other out so you’re left with a dystopiac, neutral wasteland.

I think the plastic-lensed Diana Edelweiss reflects the moody atmosphere there pretty well. You could easily convince yourself you’ve travelled back to a 1980s Soviet resort.

I like playing with the double-exposures too, although I need to practice balancing the exposures so they are more evenly weighted.

All photos taken with Diana F+ Edelweiss and FujiFilm Superia 100 film

Love those light-leaks – though I bet you wouldn’t want to leave the film hanging around in the camera too long or you’d lose the lot. I can remember my parents having two summer holidays on the same roll of film!

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    7 August 2010 at 16:29

    Your Diana F+ is amazing, I wish I had one.
    And I absolutely love the last picture.

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    6 August 2011 at 14:17

    Hey, I came across your blog whilst looking for advice about using my Diana F+. I just had a film developed and about 6 of the 12 shots came back with red splodges on them like those in your last picture…now I know that they are light leaks (!) Is this something that happens a lot with the Diana? I thought I was doing something wrong, i.e., that I’d exposed the film to light when loading it (but I did it under a blanket, so I couldn’t figure that out!), or that it had happened when I’d changed the lens. I need more help and advise! Ha! x

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      6 August 2011 at 16:38

      Hi Catkin (great name)!
      I know what you mean about the red light leaks (of course, a lot of people love these and are disappointed when they DON’T appear on the photos).
      I’d say it’s more than likely the camera rather than you or the film that’s causing the light leaks. Personally I don’t take any precautions against them but some people play it safe by taping ove the little window in the back (the one that shows you what shot you’re on) and also tape around the seal of the door.
      There’s a great group on flickr that can offer lots of helpful advice
      Good luck with the photography (is your work online anywhere? I’d love to see)!
      Angie x

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