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lomo diana - sailing
Film Photography

8 film photography tips for beginners

Type the name of your camera into YouTube – there’s nothing quite like watching somebody handle a camera that’s just like the one you own to make you feel more comfortable with it yourself. Check the battery! Just because…

Film Photography

Thank you, Lomo

There’s a great article on the BBC website today about Lomo photography and the part it has played in keeping film photography alive.  My very first Lomo photo! Bournemouth Pier – Diana F+ It was certainly true for me –…

Film Photography

Did I mention I like film cameras?

When people say to me they are thinking about trying film photography and aren’t sure about what camera to get or where to buy one I tell them this; Mention to everyone you know that you wish you had…

apple tree branches - diana + instant back
Instant Photography


I was rummaging through my camera drawer (I could really do with a camera room, but a drawer will do for now) and I (re)discovered my Diana Instant Back. Being the impatient sort I loaded it with film right…

lomo diana - post box
Film Photography


One of the (many) cameras I took away with me to The Lake District was my little Diana F+ (a 120 film toy camera). I diligently ensured it didn’t get left out amongst its bigger, flashier cousins and that…

lomo diana - bournemouth pier
Film Photography

Going Lomo

Have you heard of Lomography? You probably have if you’re interested in film photography – I have purchased an item or two from them in the past and my favourite camera (so far) is the Diana F+. It’s lots…

gravestone - diana f+ with instant back
Instant Photography

Instant Diana

The sun came out this afternoon (hooray) so I nipped out for a wander down to the old cemetery. I took my Lomography Diana F+ with the instant back. I love the effect it gives – it uses the…

garden - taken with diana and instant back
Instant Life Photography


I’m back! Well, I haven’t actually been anywhere but I am back. Talking of backs… poor admin is sofabound with some sort of awful, agonising backpain. The doctor has prescribed some VERY strong painkillers so things are getting better…

Film Photography

August break VII

I took these when I was out and about at the Southampton ‘seaside’ a coupla weeks ago. I had to use the film up and get them processed though so had to wait a while to see the results.…

Film Photography


Goodnight internetalonians – here’s a kiss from me and my lovely Diana Edelweiss. x…