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Thank you, Lomo

There’s a great article on the BBC website today about Lomo photography and the part it has played in keeping film photography alive.  My very first Lomo photo! Bournemouth Pier – Diana F+ It was certainly true for me –…

pumpkins and squashes


Hope you’re all having a spooktacular halloween! In England we apparently now ‘do’ the whole trick or treating thing so I have been handing out gummy-eyeballs most of the evening. I’m glad they’re nearly all gone as they look…

lomo diana - post box
Film Photography


One of the (many) cameras I took away with me to The Lake District was my little Diana F+ (a 120 film toy camera). I diligently ensured it didn’t get left out amongst its bigger, flashier cousins and that…

lomo diana - bournemouth pier
Film Photography

Going Lomo

Have you heard of Lomography? You probably have if you’re interested in film photography – I have purchased an item or two from them in the past and my favourite camera (so far) is the Diana F+. It’s lots…

Palm trees - Lomo LCA
Film Photography

It’s still summer

There’s a chill in the air and lots of ‘back to school’ marketing about but it’s definitely still summer! Taken with my Lomo LC-A and Kodak Ektar 100…

garden - taken with diana and instant back
Instant Life Photography


I’m back! Well, I haven’t actually been anywhere but I am back. Talking of backs… poor admin is sofabound with some sort of awful, agonising backpain. The doctor has prescribed some VERY strong painkillers so things are getting better…

Film Photography

August break VII

I took these when I was out and about at the Southampton ‘seaside’ a coupla weeks ago. I had to use the film up and get them processed though so had to wait a while to see the results.…

Film Photography

Lomo power

OK, this is going to be an unbelievably specialised and geeky post involving LOMO LC-A and LC-A+ cameras (that’s the original sort and the new plastic one) and batteries. Yes, batteries. You will read it and think I am…

Film Photography


Goodnight internetalonians – here’s a kiss from me and my lovely Diana Edelweiss. x…

Digital Film Photography

Sour grapes

Be warned, this whole post is basically just me me moaning about how today here in England it’s the first day of ‘summer hols’ for all school-age children (and teachers) and that I have to GO TO WORK. Every…