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Inspiration Photography

Flickr Friday; random awesomeness

I’ve always loved a good rummage around on Flickr to get me fired up about taking photos – people are so talented and I’m feeling so inspired! Also, I can’t believe it will be my 10-year Flickrversay next month o_O…

Inspiration Photography

Flickr Friday – the twinnie edition

Twins spook me out a little, I’ll admit it – even though my family is littered with them… Little secrets by David Talley . by neon.tambourine Jasmine by Mariam Sitchinava Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize 2011 – Monette and Mady…

Inspiration Photography

Flickr Friday – the girlie edition

Or rather it’s an edition with girls and flowers together in the same shot, so pretty girlie! Untitled by +++ponyrock+++ Untitled by yasya_fögelgardt Foreign Objects by dave.carswell Garden Songs by chris panas Untitled by Pace Bailey Untitled by Tuan__…

Inspiration Photography

Flickr Friday – the zebra edition

Who doesn’t love a zebra? I can’t imagine any environment where stripes like that would make for good camoflague – look at them! I believe they’ve evolved for the entertainment of over-privileged individuals like myself – they are the David…

Inspiration Photography

Flickr Friday – the Olympic edition

The Olympics start tonight! For someone like me who’s not normally that bothered by anything sporty, to be this excited about people running and jumping around for a fortnight is quite a thing! I guess though it’s hardly surprising;…

Inspiration Photography

Flickr Friday – faces edition

I want to try this! To take a self-portrait but cover my face with  the face of another person (or animal) or maybe even use another self-portrait – very ‘meta’…  Untitled by Leanne Surfleet  bad face day by _rebekka…

Inspiration Photography

Flickr Friday – street art edition

Some might call it mindless vandalism – I’m not one of those some though. I call it fun, inspiring, colourful and a great subject for photography – especially if you can include people or items that wittily juxtapose or…