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xpro - weeds
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Cross-processing (or x-pro if you’re down with the kids, like me) is addictive and makes film photography an even more exciting adventure than it already is, I love it a lot! Want to know more? Zenith 80 + Fujifilm Velvia…

Dahlia - zenith 80 medium format
Film Photography


Can’t believe we’re at the tail end of August already! August Break was a great idea; I’ve had time to think up all sorts of great stuff to add to the blog in future weeks – things I’m quite…

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Hello lovelies! Just a quickie to say if you pop on over to Pixie Mama you’ll find an all-revealing interview with moi! (I’m feeling a little bit famous saying those words – I hope it doesn’t go to my…

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH
Film Photography


The other cameras have been making a fuss as I keep mooning over my new addition and ignoring them. The Hasselbladski was especially miffed when prints cam back from the lab and I only feigned the tiniest bit of…

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The B team

Somehow I missed out on any excursions with my camers(s) over the weekend, but, that’s OK as it means I get to go through and give an airing to some of the ones that didn’t quite make the first…

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I’m feeling a little guilty because I’ve just bid on (and won) another vintage camera from ebay! It’s a Pentax K1000 which I am very excited about owning – 35mm film is much cheaper to buy and get processed…

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The birds

This naughty swan would go and move just as I took this photo! Doesn’t he realise that this is a film camera and that I only get 12 goes per roll? He’s obviously a digital-lover. Zenith 80 The pigeons…

Film Photography

Window shopping

One of my favourite shops in Southampton (for photographing) is the Beatnik Emporium, a vintagey/retro fashion store next to the park. My Hasselbladski Zenith 80 enjoyed the opportunity of some colour and light intead of all those wintry trees.…

Film Photography

Some more

Some more from my current favourite camera (shh, don’t tell the others)……

Film Photography

Something good in the mail

One thing that’s considered a downside of film photography is the wait between shooting your photos and getting them developed. Whilst I do feel a little impatient when I’m posting off my film, there’s nothing quite like the surprise…