Alive and kicking (and screaming)

Hooray, I’m alive – I survived the surgery, the hospital food and the bad weather. Even better, I managed to rouse myself from the anaesthetic in time to see England beat Australia in the Rugby World Cup – woohoo! (I would have won £15 if the Aussies had won in the office sweepstake, but I guess that means my national pride is worth at least £16 of anybody’s money)!

So, the evil ex-gall bladder has now met its doom in some medical incinerator, and all I have to show for it is five small ‘key-holes’ slowly healing over on my stomach. I experienced a wonderful concoction of opium-based drugs to deaden the pain after I was roused from the general anaesthetic. My first thought on waking was “Shit – how much did I drink and who undressed me?”. Then I realised that the men and women in green scrubs and the general medical paraphenalia around the room weren’t that normal, even in my house.

Wow it’s over. That’s it. To be honest I’ve had more traumatic leg waxes so if you’re facing something similar yourself – stay cool!

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    Crawford Kilian
    2 December 2003 at 23:38

    You bring back memories of losing my gall bladder a couple of years ago, right down to the tiny scars (soon to be invisible). They kept me in overnight because I seemed to be bleeding a little, so I got to know a great old guy who’d just had his testicles removed (with local, not general, anesthetic) to slow down his prostate cancer. He was an old smoothie, and I took careful notes about his gallant style with the nurses…though I hope that when it’s time to try out similar comments, it won’t be for the same kind of operation.

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    3 December 2003 at 00:05

    Youch! Even as a mere girl I’m having a leg-crossing moment thinking about having testicles removed!
    Four out of the five little scars I have are behaving themselves and healing nicely – but there’s one bigger one on my belly button that won’t stop oozing yucky stuff… it’s bigger than the others, I think it’s probably the one they sent the small TV crew up into (I hope they all got out OK)!

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    Crawford Kilian
    3 December 2003 at 01:36

    Not to worry about the ooze. That too will pass.
    Wish I’d thought to ask for the video they must have shot of my insides…but one minute I was chatting with a student nurse, and the next I was coming out of the anesthetic with a seriously fuzzified brain. Some of my friends think the brain has remained in that condition.

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