Cash or glory?

It’s quarter finals time in the Rugby World Cup 2003. Woo hoo! (That’s the game with the funny shaped balls isn’t it)?

My obvious alligience should be with my home nation – England. As I write this I can picture families up and down the nation rummaging though the attic for St George’s cross flags and red and white face paint in anticipation of victory after we beat Uruguay at the weekend 111-13!!! Apart from darts I didn’t think you could get sports results in triple figures!

As I said, England. Obvious. Except it’s not all that obvious for me, as I stand to win 15 quid, that’s right, 15 ‘big ones’ in the office sweepstake if the Australians win! I do quite like Fosters lager, Kylie and drinking in Walkabout, so I’m already feeling an affinity towards my Aussie cousins. Sod it, I’m cheering for the cash – I can blame it on having to grow up in Thatcher’s Britain (I blame most things on that).

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