Reasons why I’m feeling old today…

  1. Some new group of whippersnappers called McFly are at number one in the charts (ok, maybe I gain some points for knowing that) but they’re just so goddam young! I’m technically old enough to be their mother (albeit as a result of bearly legal sex). And it’s all so meldious too – did our 80s angst and 90s grunge mean nothing to these boys? Did I wear all that black eye-liner for nothing? Stick on some Clash or Stone Roses for flips sake and get in touch with your darker side (that’s what I would say if I was their mother).
  2. I added ‘Gardeners World’ to Sky Plus (TiVO type thing), and then, after watching it, did some gardening! You grow girl!
  3. In the newsagents at lunchtime I breezed right past the womens style section and the music section and made a bee-line for the home decorating section.
  4. I realised that in two-months time I’ll be 35 years old!
  5. Over the Easter break I fully intend to visit B&Q for DIY and gardening supplies, and I probably wont step into a nightclub even once (unless they turn the motherfuckin’ music DOWN for chrissake)! Look – I’m even cursing like an old person…. and calling it cursing!!!

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