5 – The number of days, including today, until the weekend. Unless I win the lottery.

30,000 – The number of pounds I would win if numbers come up tonight on aforementioned lottery.

33 – This is the average number of degrees celcius it has been over the last week or so. Phew! There is a perpetual odour of burning flesh, coconut oil and barbeque lighter fluid in the air.

19 – The number of times I swore like a bastard when I cut my finger on the freakin’ slicer attatchment of the food-processor (from now on only getting shop-brought coleslaw).

17,943 – Is how many freckles I now have on the bits of my skin that have caught a glimpse of the sun.

0 – The chance England has of winning any major sporting event – especially if penalty goal kicks are involved.

1 – Is how many ‘Dressmaking For Beginners’ lessons I have had so far. Number two is tonight which I am really looking forward to. I get a little less scared of my sewing machine every day!

8 – The number of balls of wool I brought yesterday in the John Lewis sale. Half price, hoorah! Just what you want on the hottest day of the year. I got 4 of this and 4 of this. I feel a scarf coming on. Again.

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