Call me a complete bitch if you like, but I LOVE carbohydrates – the more complex the better. I especially enjoy eating jammy doughnuts in front of the increasing number of ‘protien-nazi’s’ at work. I really can’t see that I’m doing myself that much harm by having potatoes with my salad or rice with my lamb rogan josh, and I’d like to see the cut of the person who could stop me eating my toast and Marmite. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for miracle cures and quick-fixes but, y’know, if there’s no chocolate involved the just talk to the hand!

On a completely unrelated note, I saw a very strange bird on the bird-table today, he had no wings, fur instead of feathers a long tail and whiskers…

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    22 April 2004 at 01:37

    Perhaps there was a bird inside the one with whiskers?

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