TFI Friday

This has been my first week back at work since “Christmas vs The Killer Tonsils”, and I am SO glad that Friday is here at last. At one point yesterday afternoon I was found slapping myself around the face in an effort to wake myself up. Thankfully there have been no afternoon meetings this week – they are always a surefire way of curing insomnia at the best of times.

Things I have tried in order to keep awake:

  • sleeping (not enough hours in day. Plus I think it is a sackable offence to fall asleep ‘on the job’.)
  • espresso-based coffees (expensive, plus I think I must be immune… still feel tired)
  • fresh air (now I’m cold AND tired)
  • excercise (I am taking plenty of walks to aforementioned coffee shop. Note: it IS possible to sleep and walk at same time)
  • stimulating activities/environment (everything in this office is a shade of beige – as is my job)

Things I may have to consider if I’m caught napping whilst computer boots up (again):

  • drugs (although I would have thought being smacked off my tits on whizz would be somehow a worse offence than nodding off in a boring meeting)
  • going to bed before I get up (maybe if I do a full 30 hour sleep and miss out on a day of my life I will never be tired again… but I might miss something cool)
  • matchsticks under eyelids (ok, does this work? If they are unused matches is there any danger of eyeballs catching fire?)
  • get a more interesting and stimulating job (that sounds like hard work though…)

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