Things I’ve been doing instead of adding stuff to this weblog…

Beneath the stinking carpet and beyond the cracked 70s lino lay real wood floorboards, but not the sexy “Interiors” magazine sort – these were the inch-long-splinters-in-the-soft-arch-of-your-foot sort. Hence the trip to B&Q and the £30 spent on ‘I can’t believe it’s not slate’ slates.

Anyhoo, the floor looks bloody fantastic, especially the fancy cutting out I had to do around the tricky door alcatraving. The other reason it looks so good is because I managed to use all my feminine guile and cunning (i.e. nagging) to get super-hubby Mark to completely dismantle the toilet so the flooring could go right underneath and look super neato. I must have been a right dragon as I also managed to persuade him to stick his BARE ARM as far down the U-bend as he could to give it a proper clean. “You’ll never get this opportunity again.” I explained. “Thank fuck for that!” I think was the reply.

In true ‘Dilbert’ style, office politics is showing exactly how little dignity I actually have by making me ‘sit up and beg’ for my own job. Obviously I haven’t included this URL on my CV, otherwise I would be saying what a worthwhile exercise the whole thing is and not a waste of time at all, oh no, not at all!

I guess I shouldn’t moan too much though because a) I do actually HAVE a job (at he moment anyway), and b) I get paid to go on cool training courses – this one was “Advanced PhotoShop Training” which is actually pretty damn useful. It was in Docklands, an area of London I’d never really explored before. Imagine my sheer joy when I discovered an underground labyrinth of shops and bars! I managed to find a great hotel to stay in on, so I got 4-star accommodation on my government budget. I was hypnotised to sleep each night by the flashing beacon on top of Canary Wharf (of which I had a perfect view) and spent a fortune on room-service, so all-in-all a great couple of days!

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