I ‘heart’ iPods

I love Apple iPods. They look so damn sexy. I love listening to music too, I’m sure it’s all I need to make my life complete – I should have one!

In a world where kids have all the best product designers pandering to their every whim, it’s good to have something you need more than a pound a week pocket money to buy. They inspire in adults the type of consumer frenzy akin to the cabbage-patch doll Christmas of 1985*, or the Buzz-Lightyear Christmas of 1991*, only much more tasteful. (Remind me sometime to tell you of the Buzz-Lightyear incident, and why I’ll never be allowed back into the Southampton branch of Asda ever again).

There are reasons though why I don’t have one already, and whilst I can’t guarentee I’ll never succum to the iPods aesthetic charms (or the latest advertising campaign) I’m putting my hand up now as someone who wont ever buy one.

Firstly, I get paranoid if I can’t hear what’s going on around me. I mean, what if I was on a train and I missed an important announcement about the buffet car? And how would I manage to eavesdrop on all the best gossip?

Secondly, I tend to sing along when I hear a song I like, and being deaf to the terribleness of my own voice; thinking that those soulful Joss Stone vocals are, in fact, my own, I’d probably end up with a pack of dogs following me, wailing along in unison. The world just isn’t ready.

Thirdly, I think I may have funny-shaped ears. No matter what sort of stick-it-in-your-ear-hole type ear-phones I use, they either hurt or fall out.

So there you go, me and Apple iPods – an unrequited love. The world is doomed to listen in on my musical meanderings for a while yet

*I may have these years wrong, it’s all a bit hazy pre 1999 – I blame recreational vodka, don’t do it kids!

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    20 July 2004 at 13:01

    Yes I’d like an iPod as well. Battery life not good and over priced (but latest version has improved battery life). New mini iPod looks great, but I’ve seen reports of problems with a dodgy cable.
    The iRiver iHP-140 has better features, but doesn’t look as good
    Sony have some nice new products as well

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    20 July 2004 at 13:02

    oh and this

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    23 July 2004 at 23:50

    I bought an Ipod in Feb 04, and have never regretted it. I’ve had no trouble with the battery or the cables, and it has made my life so much EASIER. It’s so much better than carrying CD’s around!

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