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I have now entered the world of the Lomo. A bulging package was UPS’d to me all the way from Vienna. This means I now own a Pop-9 and an Actionsampler Flash – woohoo!

It’s all a bit strange going analogue again; threading the film onto spools and sprockets, winding on the film with your thumb, not seeing your results instantly on the magic TV screen on the back – I realise now I am a very impatient person! I can’t wait to see what my own Lomo snaps will look like, but first I have to take 2×36 photos and then get them developed… oh the anticipation!

The Pop-9 has nine lenses and takes 9 pictures at the same time onto one frame of film, like this…

The Actionsampler Flash takes 4 pictures in succession onto one frame of film, like this…

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