Step back in time

I saw something today which got me thinking that, A) I’m a lot older than I think I am, and B) boys and girls aren’t so different after all!

I was coming out of Boots (chemist store) and saw a very trendy guy, in his twenties, sticking elastoplat all over his blistered feet where his uber-cool suede sandals were rubbing him.

I’ve definately been there and done that as far as foot wear is concerned. My poor feet still bear the battle scars from prioritising fashion over comfort, but to be honest, I’d always though this was a girl thing.

When I was growing up, even the boys who wore more eyeliner than I did (and it was a LOT), would always wear comfortable shoes. Being a New Romantic whilst at school wasn’t too hard to pull off; we would just embellish the school uniform with ruffled shirts, rip holes in our tights and introduce tartan wherever possible. School ties were always worn backwards so the skinny end was on show. Always. The only difference was that us girls would be hobbling (provocatively, we thought) in our too high, too pointy shoes we’d secretly purchased and changed into halfway to school, and the boys would be running ahead in their scuff-proof lace-ups trying to impress us by hanging off various items of street furniture (some things never change).

Thank god for for the late-1980s and the craze for Doctor Martn boots/shoes, otherwise I reckon I’d be getting my footwear prescribed on the NHS!

I am now 36 years old. Whilst I may be wearing the latest in Sketchers sneakers, I am really only wearing them because they’re just so comfortable!

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