Winter Olympics

I guess you have to be a certain type of person to love being cold so much that you want to do sports in it. Whilst I may show a passing interest in a bit of light snowman-making (mainly in a supervisory capacity), that is as far as it goes.

That said, those little European ski-villages with their log-cabins and fairy lights do look quite enticing, so I can kind of comprehend the attraction of, say, skiing… gently down a slight incline with a handsome ski-instructor holding my hand and a cup of hot cocoa and a bubbly bath waiting for me at the end of it.

However, there are some winter sports that a) are very dangerous b) involve v. unattractive outfits and c) no one’s ever heard of – who exactly in the world do you go and see if you want to becoming a medal winning luge rider? (By the way, they do luge DOUBLES you know – same as the normal luge, but another bloke lies on top of you whilst you skid your way to glory. I say ‘bloke’, women aren’t excluded, they just don’t want to do it apparently)!

I find it extremely reassuring that the only medals Britain has won (or stands a chance of winning) are in these afore-metioned ‘lunatic’ sports; silver in the women’s ‘Bob Skeleton’ (!), and a chance of something in the curling.

Congratulations and Rule Britannia!

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