• Have mad hair that desperately needs cutting. Also have morbid fear of hairdressers. Excercising jedi-like self control when anywhere near a pair of scissors.
  • Fell over door step whist carrying fish’n’chip supper home one night. Please don’t panic! TheFish’n’chips were fine. My brain knew immediately that superficial wounds to lower limbs were a minimal sacrifice for aforementioned fish supper. I still have the bruise, it is now a nice greeny yellow (nearest web-safe colour would be #cccc99 I would say).
  • Have been drinking gallons of fizzy pop that has since been recalled for having dangerously high levels of benzene. Am fully expecting to develop either some sort of super-power or grow an extra body part.
  • I still haven’t had ANY success at National Lottery. Hence, still dragging carcas into office on regular basis.
  • In quest for Kiera Knighly-like skin and wrinkle-free complexion, have been trying various lotions and potions. Had an adverse reaction to Garnier Eye-Lift… my eye-lids puffed right up like I’d been crying all day and night. Have to say though, that for all the unsightly puffiness there were definately no lines to be seen at all!
  • Can’t help noticing I seem to have been a bit prone to the unlucky and unfortunate incident this last week or two. Must try harder to be more ‘lucky’!

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    5 April 2006 at 08:25

    Today my girlfriend’s daughter came in dripping wet after having mysteriously fallen into the pool. She’s 15 and not uncoordinated. She also claims to have been sitting by the edge when she just plopped right in.
    Stange thing is, some months earlier I’d been standing near the pool when next thing I know I’ve plopped into the deep end. Wasn’t like I fell over or fainted, but like my body just “took a step” and off I went.
    That kind of thing makes me very leery about standing on the edge of cliffs and such. One minute you’re fine, admiring the view, the next you could be plummetting to your death and wondering what the hell happened. I’m not much of an outdoorsy person – love the city, but having moved to Tempe AZ last year, it’s all a bit too tumble-weed and sand for my taste. Of course the girlfriend seems to love the out of doors and the mountains…
    Anyway, my thoughts on the matter are that we’re far less in control of our corporeal manifestations than we’d like to believe. When you’re out of a rhythm (whatever rhythm that might be) watch out!
    And take care not to go to near to the edges of swimming pools!

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