Spam & eggs. Spam & chips. Spam, egg & chips. Spam, spam & SPAM!

I have had to deal with TONS of comment and trackback spam over the last couple of day. Eveything from beachtowels to Palestinian liberation has been trawling its wears on this blog. If there had been ANY relevance to the posts they chose to attatch themselves to I may have a little more sympathy, but they couldn’t be more inappropriate.

I’m guessing I’ve been flagged up on some nefarious database as ‘easy’ (not for the first time)! Anyhoo – to ease my bandwidth and sense of indignation, I am resorting to approving all trackbacks and comments in true schoolmarm fashion. Sorry. Please still say hello though!

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    17 May 2006 at 10:22

    Just testing to see if this works and to say that I’m not paranoid – they really are out to get me!

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    17 May 2006 at 20:01


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