Over the hill

For the first time ever I walked home from work today. It’s not far, just under a mile and a half, but it’s very hilly. If we had snow here in the winter it would be a trendy little skiing village and we’d all drink cocoa and eat fondue for breakfast. But it doesn’t, and we don’t.

There is a hospital en route, but thankfully I didn’t need it – I managed it all the way to the front door without stopping in 33 minutes (although I am glad no one was home to see what a wreck I was after that last hill).

I’ve literally just got in – I need to go and collapse rehydrate!

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    26 June 2006 at 21:04

    Reminds me of my first weeks in San Francisco, living along HydeStreet, just a block or so from Lombard Street. One could walk down hill to Fisherman’s Wharf (though women in heels would have to go down backward). Bookphile that I am, I decided to ride the trolley into Powell station and then buy some books at the nearby Borders… some $300.00 worth of computer books, which I then decided to walk back home with. It’s all up hill, and I had to stop a few times to catch my breath. At one point I contemplated abandoning some of my precious haul, but eventually made it home, and after a shower, collapsed on the bed.

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