Chaos theory

We’re decorating at the moment. Obviously not right now, as I am here typing this, but we have definitely stepped over the line of just talking about it to actually doing it (a miracle for two procrastinators like us). A work in progress, for sure.

I don’t quite know what name you’d give the room we’re decorating – it should be the master bedroom, but as we’re both a bit geekified, it’s become our ‘office’ – a 21st century playroom for grown-ups.

Anyhoo, I am now typing this from the spare bedroom (hmm, not really a bedrooom… no bed… and it’s not really spare, it’s used all the time). I am crammed in here with boxes of crap cherished valuables. There’s just enough room for me at my desk, so long as I don’t want to stretch legs out or rotate chair in any direction. A room of my own! Doesn’t look like anything from my ‘Country Living’ or ‘Living etc’ magazines though, but it’s kinda cool – like being 13 again and having your own bedroom. I may have to find an old Duran Duran poster for the wall, just to complete the effect.

I have to go now, to study the paint charts. I don’t want bland and bleugh, but if I pick something too wild I know I’ll get sick of it in 6 months, and I don’t want all this upheaval again! Oh, decisions, decisions…

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