How about these for a pair of shoes then?!

I wasn’t purely driven by my fashion-victim gene this time, they were the perfect footwear for wearing at the beach, really, very practical! AND, they actually fit my oddly formed trotters, so I really HAD to buy them.

The confidence I had in wearing these on the beach was sorely tested though. Showing off the waterproof nature of my footwear, I rolled my jeans up to go ankle deep into the sea. This was a wild and savage sea though. I now know the power of a rip-tide, even at two inches deep – to drag the ground from under you and fling you to the very wet ground. I was soaked. And it was so hard trying to stand up again – I must have looked like some lumbering sea mammal stranded on the shore. Worse though. I looked up and saw a TV crew filming! The BBC at that! Filming ‘Seaside Rescue‘. Please GOD I hope I’m not on camera floundering away in my bright orange Crocs. That would be too much.

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    26 September 2006 at 19:04

    We are huge croc fans here. We bought them because my daughter had some money to spend and fell in love with them when she saw them. Little did we know that the rest of the world has become covered with them. I don’t have a pair yet but I’m kind of fond of the pink ones. Your orange pair are great.

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