Sir, the dog ate my homework!

Well, I had the second of my dressmaking classes last night. It’s a lovely way to spend an evening – sewing, chatting, learning.

I am attempting to make a simple top – no sleeves, zips, buttons, collars. Pretty bog standard. I am also hoping 30 weeks will be long enough! As well as that I have to put together a portfolio over the year – showing examples of things like seams and darts and button-holes, etc, as well as more artistic mood-boards and inspirational stuff. I can’t wait to start getting hand’s on with the cow gum again – it’s been a while!

Because of all the decorating going on, I wasn’t able to do my homework. My god, it brought back a lot of repressed memories! Would they believe my excuse? (Sewing machine buried under PILES of crap – no clear surfaces). I blagged my way through my whole life-time at school, I can’t decide if I got very good at making up excuses, or the teachers gave up caring. Either way, I only ever really got top-marks for my English homework, but that basically involved reading books, and that’s what I would have been doing anyway.

Could try harder. Definitely.

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